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This Page lists the solutes that have been analyzed by PKQuest.   A short description is provided of the data in the table and the publication (if available) that the experimental data was extracted from. The solutes are classified on the basis of the animal used.  All of these files are downloaded as a single .zip file (go to "Download" page).
  • D2O:
    D20_schloerb.mws:    Schloerb et. al. (J. C. I. 29: 1296. 1950).  Arterial concentration after IV input.
  •  Propranolol:  
    1)  propranolol_fagen_olanoff.mws:   Fagen et. al. (Br. J. Clin. Pharm. 1982, 13:571) -  IV input and  Olanoff et. al. (Clin. Pharm . Ther. 1986, 40:408) - simultaneous IV and GI input, fasting and with meals.
    2)  propranolol_takahashi.mws:   Takahashi, et. al. J. Pharm. Sci. 79: 212; 1990.  Comparison of oral intake of standard and sustained release forms in same subjects.  Simulation of different dosage regimens of both forms.
  •  Ethanol:
    ethanol_norberg_dipadova.mws:    Norberg et. al. - Alcoholism: Clin. and Exp. Res. 25: 1423  - high resolution breath and venous ethanol and D2O volume of distribution and Dipadova et. al. data (Gastroenterology: 92: 1169; 1987) - Comparison of oral and IV input in fasting and fed subjects.
  •  Inulin:
    inulin_odeh.mws:     Odeh et. al Clin. Phar. and Ther. 53:419;  IV input.
  •  Dicloxacillin:
    dicloxacillin_lofgren.mws:    Lofgren et. al (Scaad. J. Infect. Dis 18:365, 1986).  IV input. Protein binding, no saturation.
  •  Ceftriaxone:
    ceftriaxone_stoeckel.mws:    Stoeckel, et. al. ( Clin. Pharm. Ther. 20: 650, 1982) measured plasma   total and free after IV (150, 500, 1500  and 3000) mg IV input.  Saturable protein binding.
  •  Toluene:
    toluene_pierce.mws:    Pierce et. al. (Toxicology and App. Pharm. 139: 49).  IV and end tidal concentration after lung input. 
  •  Anesthetics (Nitrous Oxide, Enflurane, Halothane, and Methoxyflurane):
    1) anesthetic_munson.mws:    Munson et. al. Anesth. Analg. 57: 224; 1978.  Simultaneous lung uptake and washout.
    2) anesthetic_carpenter.mws:     Carpenter et. al. (Anesth. Analg. 65: 575, 1986). Simultaneous lung uptake and washout.

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